Create Task 4/13

I'm done! Today I did 2b-2d, marked everything up, and now everything is set and ready to submit. I did so much writing and downloading today that I'm going to step away and look at my work tomorrow with a clear head. I'll go over the rubric for the umpteenth time and then submit tomorrow! I'm so excited that this is done! I don't think I explained logic very well, but I think it'll suffice. Anyway, I'm at a 9.5/10 in terms of completion.

Create Task 4/11

Today I got the screencast down and I wrote 2a. When writing, I think I spent more type cutting words down to make it 150 words than actually writing. I am not worried about making it before the 15th, but on Google Hangout you said something by having it done by next week. Is the due date still the 15th or the 13th now? If it's the 13th then I doubt tomorrow will be a productive today with tomorrow being Easter, but I will certainly try. All in all, I would say I'm 7/10 in terms of completion. I just need to do 2b-2d and mark up my code.

Create Task 4/7

I am officially done coding! I would love to keep adding functions to the main function, but if I want to have this done for today, what I have is what I've got and it's pretty good, so this is it! It is sort of similar to Ice 4, but I think it is original enough and I've used some other skills to build on what it is. I hope this is okay, Mrs. Kelly! Anyway, I really like it and while I did run into trouble with it, my project achieves what I wanted it to. Today, I just made everything was working okay and I added comments to aid comprehension. I'll get to work on the video and write up soon! I will definitely be done by the 15th. In summary, I am at a 5/10 in terms of completion.

Create Task 4/5

Today I got a lot done. I essentially blocked off today and just did my create task instead of doing other work since I tend to push this project off into the end of the day and by then, I'm burnt out. Anyway, the coding is done! There's still some color inconsistencies and I also fear that my create task is too similar to Ice 4, so I might add to it. Other than that, I think it meets all the requirements and it does what I intended it to. I'm going to review the rubric and then move on this week! To keep on schedule, I will be 100% done with coding by Wednesday. Out of 10, I'd say I'm at a 5 in terms of completion.

Create Task 4/2

Today I tried to figure out how to make a dictionary list by using the notes on I didn't directly work on my create task, but I need to understand this before I do any more. I want to make a list that has parts to each term and from the notes, I think with a little alteration that will be possible. I don't know if this update warrants a blog entry, but I want to keep you posted! I think in terms of progress I'm at a 3.

Create Task 3/31

I didn't do all that much today, but I still felt that I should write something here? Maybe I only should when I do something notable... Nonetheless, today I wrote two functions and not even the elaborate ones I need to focus and write from scratch. I just need to get the basics down before I do the fun stuff and that was what today was all about. I hope to have my code that meets all the requirements done by Monday so they I can work on building upon it. Everything is going okay with the exception of getting the little red "x" when there is nothing wrong. Oh, well. I am using a lot of placeholders so that could be why it's annoyed with me.

**Edit: I forgot to give my level of completion and I'd say a 3. I think 5 would mean my code is completely done and 10 would be the whole Create Task is completed. Am I at good place per our schedule?**