Explore Project Progress 12/12

Yesterday I wrote a rough draft of part 2c and 2d as well as finally finding a moderately usable beneficial and harmful effect. Toady I plan on editting 2c and 2d to make it shorter, add citations, create a works cited, and start 2a. If I have time I will start planning my artifact. I think I am in pretty good shape as of right now.

Explore Project Progress 12/11

Finally, I found a benefit and a harmful effect that sort of work. I feel like they are more design critiques than real effects, but I can't think of anything beneficial with the app besides the fact that it helps diabetes management. Yesterday I wrote the 2d part and today I plan to write 2c. 2d is far too long so today I will shorten and clean it up a bit. I also plan on organize my long list of sources.

Explore Project Progress 12/10

Since I last posted, I began working on writing my responses 2c and 2d. However, I have yet to find a good harmful effect, so I decided to move on a bit because I have been so caught up on it. I am little concerned that I won't be able to find a harmful effect and when I do, it won't be worthy of a point. Anyway, toady I am going to continue writing and if I have time I am going to find a harmful effect by thinking a little more outside of the box.

Ethical Data Collecting

1. Consent
I believe the first issue is the most important because it is the most important because I am guilty of being digitally ignorant. I have never read more than the first sentence of a terms and service conditions page. While I do have my location turned off on Snapchat and Instagram, I still have data that is accessible on health apps and others. I believe this concern is the most important because terms and service conditions are set up to be long and time consuming. According the article, Americans would spend 244 hours a year if they always read the terms and service conditions, so they are not realistic and therefore it is a method a company could use to have access to personal data. While doing research for my explore task, I came across articles, like the one I just read, that said there is no way to opt-out of having your data recorded and viewed. That is a serious issue when data could be used for studies or to sell you products without your knowing consent. So, in su…

Explore Project Progress 12/6

At this point, I have done most of my research and found most of my necessary sources. All that I am missing is the harmful effect section as I am having difficulty finding a problem with an app that does a lot of good that isn't a privacy/security concern. I'm thinking I will research CGMs in general to see if there's a problem I can apply to Sugar.IQ. My goals for my next time working on this project is finding a harmful effect and to begin to put my research into serious writing to finish parts 2d-2e.

Explore Project Progress 12/5

Yesterday I began gathering information on my computer innovation which is Sugar.IQ, an app and CGM for diabetics. I was confused on how it worked so I took a significant amount of my time familiarizing myself with my topic as I am not a diabetic. I looked on the official website and recent articles about it and added them to my source list. Once I was confident that I understood its purpose and function, I took notes for the how it works section and for the data section, then I began taking notes for the privacy concern section. Today I plan to finish up the privacy concerns and will move onto the benefits and harmful effects since I believe that part will be harder. I will also continue to add sources to my list.

Submarine Cables

Submarine Cables - 12/2

1. Is it true that sharks biting the cables is a problem?
No, sharks biting the cables is not a problem as the media would have us believe. According to the International Submarine Cable Protection Committee, fish bites (including sharks) have caused no cable faults between 2007 and 2014. Most cable damage comes from human activity like fishing and anchoring, so shark bites shouldn't be a concern.
2. Cables can break just by wearing out - but what are some other things that cause them to break? Other factors that cause cables to break are from human activity which accounts for two-thirds of all cable faults. This includes dragging anchors on the sea floor and fishing vessels. Environmental factors also cause damage through natural disasters like earthquakes. Sometimes the underwater components just fail and need to be fixed. Contrary to popular belief, sharks or deliberate sabotage are not the typical forces that cause cables to break.
3. Who uses submarine…